Heat DiffusionŽ



Program Heat :

Solves The Partial Differential Heat Diffusion Equation By Means Of A Finite Difference Numerical Method

Program Abilities :

- The program uses the five points method to calculate the finite differential difference about each point in the grid due to the surrounding points

- For any two dimensional rectangular grids

- Any number of panels in X and Y directions , maximum number of 1600 panel

- The input temperature data can be constant or distributed along any boundary

- In case of distributed temperature , input a symbolic equation in the form :

- 100 * tan( 3 * disatnce ) * w

- sqrt( distance^( 5/3 ) ) * h

- 6 * distance + 0.25
where distance is any variable you want representing the station along x-axis or along y-axis , as the programs understands that w stands for the width and h stands for the height

- Special tool to plot heat diffusion contours and display the temperature labels and to control the color map and the color bar

- For help , type : help Heat

- The program can be used without invoking the graphical interface as follows , type : Heat (width,height,Xpanels,Ypanels,Upper temp,Lower temp,Right temp,Left temp)

- Symbolic temperature must have quotation marks like '3*w' , '5/h' , etc.



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