We have the aerodynamic knowledge , the structural materials , the power plants , and the manufacturing capacities to perform any conceivable miracle in aviation , But miracles must be planned , nurtured ,and executed with intelligence and hard work . Glenn L.Martin . 1954

  1. BirthDate Calculates your Birth Day .p .exe
  2. Counter A Stopwatch For Unlimited Actions .p .exe
  3. Time Difference Calculates Number of Days Between Two Dates .p .exe
  4. Date Reminder To Give A Warning Three Days Before The Court .p .exe
  5. Court Searches Microsoft Excel Sheets For Certain Data .p .exe
  6. Opel Records Workshop Activities .p .exe
  7. Time Management To Record Appointments & Expenses .p .exe
  8. Time Pro For Categorized Repeated Appointments .p .exe
  9. Bills Manager Coded For Eng.Mohamed R.Elbasha At Arb4Host - Egypt
  10. NewMan Coded For Mr. Ahmed Ramadan - Egypt
  11. Sales Coded For Mr. Ameer And Mohamed El Mowafy - Egypt
  12. HR Data Archive Human Resources Data Management .p .exe
  13. Dentist Controls Patients Data .p .exe
  14. Stock Processing Coded For Gabr Industrial & Petroleum Services GIS - Egypt
  15. GIS Stock Processing (Plus)
  16. Profit Calculator (NEW)
  17. Sudoku Play Sudoku Using Matlab .p .exe
  18. TicTacToe Play TicTacToe Against The Matlab .p .exe
  19. Piano Play Do Re Mi .p .exe
  20. Say This Says Whatever You Type .m .exe
  21. Spell Alphapetical Letters .p .exe
  22. FrancoArab Translator .p .exe
  23. OCR Optical Character Recognition in Images .p .exe
  24. SVM Machine Learner to Read Arabic Text in Images .p .exe
  25. Speed Dial To Play And Plot Dial Tone signals .p .exe
  26. MP3 Player Matlab / Simulink To Play MP3 Files .p .mdl
  27. Voice Command Speech Processing To Recognize The Word Yes .mdl .exe
  28. ImagePro Digital Image Processing Tool To Count Objects In Images .p .exe
  29. Robotic Mechanism Controller .p .exe
  30. Smart Gate Matlab DatabaseTo Control Servo Motors Through An Arduino Board .p
  31. Distance Using An Ultrasonic Sensor To Control Servos And Leds .p .exe
  32. Joystick With Simulink And Arduino To Control Two Servo Motors .p .exe
  33. JoystickII Simulink Model To Control Three Objects In Both Directions .p .exe
  34. ServoCon Three Different Methods To Control Servo Motors .p .mdl
  35. Chat Wireless Communication Between Two Different Serial Ports.p .exe
  36. Wireless Control Control Servos Wirelessly Using Your Keyboard .p .exe
  37. Piston Attitude .m .exe
  38. Euler Angles Representation In Space .m .p .exe
  39. Inertia Tensor Calculator .m .p
  40. Converter Physical Units Converter .p .exe
  41. Program Calculator .p .exe
  42. AeroGame Simple Game Using Simple Mechanics .m .exe
  43. Algebric Sets .p .exe
  44. Linear Algebra To Solve Simultaneous Algebric Equations .p .exe
  45. Higher Solver Solves Higher Order Symbolic Equations p .exe
  46. Integro Numerical Integration p .exe
  47. Triple Numerical Triple Integration p .exe
  48. Decoder Mathematical Algorithm To Crack FTP Accounts .m .exe
  49. Banded Symbolic Solver For Tri And Pentadiagonal Matrices .m .exe
  50. Spacing Scheme .m .exe
  51. Messenger Chat With The Matlab To Draw A Simple Wing .p .exe
  52. Arc Length Calculates The Length of Any Three Dimensional Curve .p .exe
  53. Ellipsoid of Revolution Calculates Panels Coordinates For A Body of Revolution .p .exe
  54. Body of Revolution Symbolic Solver To Generate Curve Driven Bodies of Revolution .p .exe
  55. Fuselage Mesh Piecewise Higher Order Hermite Interpolated Geometry .p .exe
  56. VRLM Virtual Reality Builder .p .exe
  57. ATCSim Air-traffic control simulator for asynchronous virtual objects .p .exe
  58. TriGrid Triangulation Using Decomposed Constructive Solid Geometry Modeling .p .exe
  59. Zee Surface Area & Second Moment of Area For A Zee Stringer .p .exe
  60. Wing-Section Structure Analysis .p .exe
  61. Composite Structures Analysis And Design .p .exe
  62. Composite Structures (Plus) Up To 20 Layers With More Plotting .p .exe
  63. Numerical Structure Finite Element Solution of The Elasticity Problem .p .exe
  64. Atmosphere Properties .m .exe
  65. Reynold Calculates Reynold's numebr. .m .exe
  66. Water Pressure At An Immersed Point .p .exe
  67. Shear Stress In A One Dimensional Newtonian Fluid .p .exe
  68. Tunnel Converts WindTunnel Data To Calculate Lift Coefficient .p .exe
  69. Flight Angles Calculates The Incidence of A Velocity Vector .p .exe
  70. Exact Heat Exact Analytical Heat Diffusion Equation .p .exe
  71. Heat Diffusion Finite Difference Heat Diffusion Symbolic Solver .p .exe
  72. Compressor Axial Flow Compressor parametric stage design .p .exe
  73. Carpet Mixed Flow Turbofan Analysis .p .exe
  74. GTE Gas Turbine Engines Analysis .p .exe
  75. Lorenz Attractor To Animate The Chaos Fluid Mechanism .p .exe
  76. DoubletFlow Velocity Field Due To A Point Doublet .p .exe
  77. Elementary Flow Velocity Field In Complex Plane .p .exe
  78. Fluid Flow Superposition of Velocity Fields In Complex Plane .p .exe
  79. Mapping Conformally Mapped Flow Field Around Joukowski Airofoils .p .exe
  80. Constant Source Panel Method Non-Lifting 2D Numerical Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  81. FastAero 2D Numerical And Analytical Concentrated Potential Flow Solver .m .exe
  82. Linear Vortex Numerical Surface Distribution Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  83. AeroFoil 2D Numerical And Analytical Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  84. FastFoil 2D Numerical And Analytical Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  85. Foil CFD Finite Element Solution of The Entire Inviscid Flow Field .p .exe
  86. Joukowski Airfoil Analytical , Numerical And Computational Flow Solver .p .exe
  87. Cascade CFD Finite Element Solution For Airfoils In Cascade .p .exe
  88. Foil Pro Analytical And Numerical Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  89. Foil Edge Fast Analytical , Numerical And Computational Solver .p .exe
  90. Super Foil Subsonic And Supersonic Airfoil Solver .p .exe
  91. Wedge Supersonic Aerodynamics About Arbitrary Wedge .p .exe
  92. Super_Turb Supersonic Turbulent Skin Friction Calculator .p .exe
  93. Super Nozzle Subsonic-Supersonic One Dimensional Constant Nozzle Flow .p .exe
  94. MaC Subsonic-Supersonic One Dimensional Variable Nozzle Flow .p .exe
  95. Navier Navier-Stokes Equations Symbolic Solver .p .exe
  96. Navier2 Navier-Stokes Equations Using quickerSim CFD Tool .p .exe
  97. PDE_3D Solves the entire potential flow in 3D .p .exe
  98. Lifting Line Theory Analytical Circulation Distribution .p .exe
  99. Doublet Panel Method Non-Lifting 3D Numerical Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  100. Aircraft Sizing Preliminary Sizing And Weight Estimation .p .exe
  101. PVLM Planar Vortex Lattice Method .p .exe
  102. AirLoads Two And Three Dimensional Potential Flow Solver .p .exe
  103. A5-VLAERO Compiles Binary Models To VLAERO ASCII Geometry Files .p .exe
  104. UG_Com Compiles Binary Models To Unigraphics Spline Files .p .exe
  105. Dat_Com Compiles Binary Models To DatCom .dcm Files .p .exe
  106. Ansys_Com Compiles Binary Models To Ansys 3D-Curve Files .p .exe
  107. Performance Aircraft Static Flight Performance .p .exe
  108. Load Accelerated Flight Performance Constraints .p .exe
  109. Longitudinal Dynamics For Longitudinal Flight Dynamics .p .exe
  110. Lateral Dynamics Due To Control Inputs And State Disturbance .p .exe
  111. Elevator Impulse Longitudinal Response Due To An Elevator Impulse .p .exe
  112. Rudder Impulse Pure Yawing Response Due To A Rudder Impulse .p .exe
  113. Pitch Damper Damp The Angle of Attack And The Pitch Rate .p .exe
  114. Yaw Damper Damp The Heading Angle And The Yaw Rate .p .exe
  115. Flight Dynamics Simulator Non-linear 6-DOF Equations of motion animation .mdl
  116. Navigator Calculates Geodetic Coordinates For Famous Cities .p .exe
  117. GPS Logic Calculates your Position In Space .p .exe
  118. GPS Route To Locate & Measure Your Geodetic Route.p .exe
  119. GPS Receiver Wireless GPS Data Stream .p .exe
  120. IMU Flight Angles IMU Data Stream .p .exe
  121. IMU Heading Set Your Heading .p .exe
  122. IMU Reality IMU with Virtual Reality Animation .p .exe
  123. AirLoads V4 Aero/Hydrodynamics Design And Simulation Framework


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